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The Gadget Show presenters Craig Charles, Georgie Barrat, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley, celebrated the 400th edition of the show, and after working with the team at Creode earlier in the year, called on us again to give them a hand.


Not only was it the 400th show, it was their 15th birthday, and ahead of the double celebration they asked us to create a technical and innovative solution that could be showcased during their landmark episode.


Working within the constraints of a tight deadline, we wanted to design a creative tech solution that had the ability to send images and sound to specific phone devices in a succinct and synchronised fashion, whilst at the same time engaging a television audience.

The final result was the creation of a three-storey cake, made from mobile phones which played sounds, images and scrolling messages, and allowed real-time communication.

  • We made a system that could scale from a single phone to several thousand, depending on the bandwidth and connectivity. The server part itself, ran from a single laptop.
  • This was achieved by using a real-time server and client technologies, to create an app-less browser based connection with the phones in the installation.
  • In short, we effectively turned each phone into a node, a media playing device that can be controlled by a central server.
  • This meant the phones used in the installation became a mesmerising light and audio show that were capable of displaying and synchronising any content. In this case, it played “Happy Birthday” to the presenters, crew and watching audience at home

The presentation was completed by an edible 3D cupcake which was printed and placed on top of the cake by a robotic arm.


The piece was a great success and gained strong engagement.

  • Viewed globally
  • Between 750,0000 – 1,000,000 domestic viewers of the show
  • Incredibly engaged and dialed-in audience
  • Social reach on our posts: 5000 
  • 4770 views of teaser video posted by the Gadget Show,
  • Plus the Gadget show reach of millions of impressions when Creode were mentioned
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