From WordPress to Shopify, a luxury consumer journey


As a luxury cashmere, woollen cloth and scarves manufacturer with a strong British heritage, Joshua Ellis aspired to host its products in a digital platform that would better serve the needs of its clientele.

As their hand-picked agency, our work was to nurture the relationship between the brand and its audience in several touchpoints. We made sure the transition from WordPress to Shopify would be as smooth as possible for both, while at the same time, we designed a custom-made look and feel for the website that speaks to the brand's identity and enriches the shopping experience.

This move would make navigation faster and easier, as well as transform the business processes, ultimately increasing site traffic and sales.

  • Safeguard a targeted internal financial reporting system by having a seamless user journey that's connected to the team's existing financial procedures

  • Engage with the audience in every step of the buying process

  • Develop a mobile-friendly design since that's where 62% of the users access the website

  • Achieve a 20% uplift in sales


We developed the new assets considering the buying behaviour of luxury, fashion and designer item lovers with high disposable income, targeting the UK, US, and Japanese markets.


These buyers pride themselves on great attention to detail. They love a good story and are drawn to the "why" of an offering. They need to get to know the product—what's it made from, how the materials were sourced—and, unlike fast-fashion, feel connected to it before purchasing it. So how could we make its quality evident to them?

Joshua Ellis 1
Joshua Ellis 2

Introducing category page banners allowed us to unravel the story behind the brand. There, consumers learn how every piece starts from nature to arrive at their hands. That way, they already get invested in the offering before jumping to the product choices.

And it's essential to keep that relationship alive. So, for every new season or drop, we allocate a homepage to share with the world what's next in Joshua Ellis' story.

Since reconfiguring parts of the user journey, optimising the pages and refreshing the design, to date we have seen the following uplift:

Bounce rate ↓ down 14.7%

Pages/ Session ↑ up 30.8%

Av. Session Duration ↑ up 36.09%

E-comm Conversion Rate ↑ up 4.5%

We continue to work with Joshua Ellis on improvements to the site at every customer touch point.