Exceptional design for a prestigious global architects


Exceptional design and web development for UHA Global


UHA required a new website that matched their prestige as a successful global firm of Architects. They also needed flexibility to build case study pages that can show off the CGI, plans, designs, 360 views and Virtual Reality.


With a deep dive into their values and position in the market we developed a creative direction that set them apart from the competition. We executed this across the entire site designing all templates and pages with very thorough and detailed style guidelines that ensured the integrity of the design.

To give UHA as much flexibility as possible to create their own pages once the site had gone live we built the CMS around their needs. This combined with the in built style guide meant that it would always look on brand and true to the design principles that were set out.


The website was extremely well received by UHA and crucially within their industry. This has helped them affirm their position as prestigious global architects.

The flexibility that we built within the admin area to allow UHA to create powerful case studies and continue to use the site as key business tool has also been a huge success.

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