From launch to best direct response rates ever


After working with Asda Money to launch their credit card, it has been in existence for 8 years. In that time, we have worked both with Asda Money and their financial partners to continuously develop and evolve the card’s proposition, in order to both keep it relevant for customers and to increase the profitability of the retail giant’s business stream.

  • Create a credit card marketing campaign that resonated with thousands of financially savvy customers
  • Build on the existing awareness of the Asda Cashback Credit Card among the target audiences
  • Encourage existing card holders to switch to the NEW credit card (the previous incarnation was a card using a percentage-based incentive)
  • Deliver new credit card customer applications within the targeted CPA
  • Align the credit card and Asda Money with the Asda corporate proposition of ‘Save Money, live better
  • Bring the benefits of the credit card to life to make the product more appealing
Asda Credit Card 1

New credit card customers, targeting core regular Asda shoppers, specifically Asda mums. They often shop within a budget, doing weekly grocery shops to feed growing families. Shop at Asda because it offers consistently low prices on everything it sells, and customers often turn to Asda for those infrequent non-grocery purchases too, but that loyalty is a two-way street customers want to feel appreciated and rewarded, and they will sometimes shop around for the lowest cost.


Rewards are appreciated but cashback percentages don’t make the offer real enough and, by some customers, are seen as a little cold or even disingenuous.


Having previously launched the original Asda cashback credit card 2 years earlier, we knew that once people had used their card more than 3 times in a month, they’d go on to form a habit of making it their ‘go to’ payment method for every shop. But how could we build on that?

The existing offer was 2% on all spend in Asda and 1% everywhere else. For anyone shopping in Asda on a regular basis, using this credit card to pay for their groceries was a no-brainer, however, there was still a large group of our target market who needed more motivation to make them apply for a card. To us, the proposition, whilst clear, felt very functional and based on the insight, we knew we could bring this to life, more and create that uplift required.

Asda Credit Card 3
Asda Credit Card 4 1

For our time poor audience, family life is pretty hectic—made harder because most were watching the pennies. But who doesn’t like a special moment or treat for nothing every now and again?

So we created a campaign which showed that, by using the Asda credit card every time they shopped in Asda on the everyday items they needed, customers could earn and build up cashback they could turn into something they might not necessarily put into their trolley.

This messaging emphasised that by using the credit card every day, not only on bigger ticket items but for small everyday items too, just like you would a debit card, the cashback you earn can really add up.

And at the very basic human level, our creative strategy achieved our client’s objectives by making customers not only think about the physical things they could turn their everyday spending into, but also made them aspirational and as a result, loyal to using that particular means of payment.

Asda Credit Card 5

The idea was executed across a multi-channel campaign for both customer acquisition and for communication to existing customers too. Existing customer communications included statement inserts, email and text messages. Acquisition channels included in-store and POS, email, paid social, press and display and the brand’s best-ever-performing dm campaign.

  • Reduced the allowable CPA by over 10%
  • Email CTR’s up by 12%
  • Best direct response rates ever!
  • Increased average spend on the card by 9%
  • Card activation rates up by over 15%.
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