A future-proof Drupal site for a €55 billion company


ENGIE is a global energy player with UK investments in renewable energy and storage. It supplies energy to organisations of all sizes. The company is committed to increasing investment in a portfolio of both flexible and responsive low carbon assets, including energy storage, wind and solar.

By 2025 ENGIE has also committed to achieving 50GW of installed renewable energy capacity rising to 80GW by 2030. Globally, the ENGIE Group employs 170,000 people. In 2020, the group achieved revenues of €55.8 billion, spending €190 million on research and development.


Engie approached Creode to create a new corporate website that would position the business as the number one market choice for B2B energy supply and purchasing renewable energy from generators.

In addition, Engie had the following objectives:

  • explain Engie’s revised product and service offering
  • generate more leads for the business
  • provide clear and intuitive routes to find relevant information
  • make it easy for prospects to submit an enquiry to the correct department
  • make the admin experience simple and intuitive
  • search engine rankings managed through the migration from the current site to the new site
  • overcome the issues associated with an outdated website: poor functionality / little freedom within CMS to make changes.

Furthermore, the group was also splitting its business: ENGIE was becoming ENGIE and EQUANS, so we had to restructure the content around this, too.

  • SMEs
  • Large businesses
  • Generators of renewable power
  • Local authorities
  • Employees and prospective employees
  • Press and media
  • Government, local authorities, trade associations and regulatory bodies
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Creode completed the project using the Agency Agile methodology and delivered it in sprints, making the process easier to track, manage and improve.

Functionality was further improved in subsequent sprints. Our objectives were to improve:

  • lead generation
  • search functionality
  • further digital marketing opportunities.

In addition, as part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of Engie's online objectives, we have weekly check-ins with increased functionality and more lead generation as the goal in the next phases over the coming months.

Ongoing improvements have included creating a better user-journey, better UX throughout the new site and optimising CTAs throughout to increase response and conversion.

And because we started with wireframes, then designs and built components directly into Drupal, ENGIE can now easily build new pages with the range of components we created, that are fully editable, customisable and future proof.

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