Driving online sales through improved UX


Embarking upon a complete website replatforming, Pure Collection wanted to ensure that their technology investment delivered significant business value.

Specific challenges included reducing the online returns rate, increasing the ecommerce conversion rate and increasing customer engagement metrics.


Customer research in store and online was used to understand the problems to be solved, breaking them down into technical and behavioural categories.

Research included remote user testing of customers in the US and UK, review of session insights (recording, clickmaps, scroll depth) and customer interviews, which informed the creation of prototypes for further user testing and refinement.

Questions around garment fit and style were addressed by introducing 360 degree rich media content on the PDPs and US specific substantiation messaging was introduced to overcome international purchasing concerns


Using the valuable information gained during the insights phase we designed full user journeys across desktop, mobile and tablet.

These involved going from wireframes of all scenarios into visual and UI design.

  • 22% reduction in product returns.
  • 26% increase in ecommerce conversion rate.
  • Significantly improved customer engagement metrics.
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The project didn't just end with delivery of the user journeys and designs, we continued to work with Pure Collection on constantly improving the user journeys and conversions.

This involved looking at analytics and creating improvements to areas of the journey where could see issues.

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