Online marketplace for sustainable products built in Shopify


Start-up and industry disruptive brand the Generous APE (APE being an acronym for Animals, People and Environment), is a pure web marketplace providing ethical and sustainable brands with a home to showcase their unique products which are typically not available on the high street. Launching with over 100 brands, we were tasked with designing and building a scalable website and for curating and delivering the digital marketing strategy.

  • Design a premium looking retail experience that is also sensitive to the ethics and ethos of the GAPE brand
  • Allow a space within the user journey for the many brands to tell their background story
  • Build a very robust website that can integrate with multiple product and stock feeds from all of the different sellers systems
  • Design and build a website that can comfortably scale to allow for the growth of new sellers being added to the marketplace
Generousape 1
Generousape 2

We mapped out the key purchase paths including long form content so that the backstory of each seller could become a strong USP. This enabled us to strike a balance between content with an agenda and ecommerce and created a content rich shopping experience.

The key was to lead with fashion and style all the while being reinforced with a strong ethical message. The danger of being too activist would have forced the brand in a smaller niche and less lucrative market.

The site was designed and the tone of voice was developed to support the above strategy.

Creode are experts in Shopify and we utilised many powerful plugins and wrote our own APIs to pull product feeds and stock levels from all of the suppliers was a challenge that we met and went beyond.

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