Driving the smooth transition to Drupal 8


Following the sale of Tuffnels by its parent operation, a number of business-critical systems had to be replaced to a tight timescale. Creode were appointed to rebuild the business customer portal to provide vital, post-sale business continuity.


Part of the task was not just to redesign the Tuffnels Drupal website but to be redeveloped, in a way that essentially ‘unlocked’ it to become truly compatible with the Drupal framework, allowing for continual ongoing development and improvement. This called for Laravelle development all geared towards increasing website functionality.


People responsible for the managing, despatching and ordering of consignments on behalf of their organisations—from junior execs to senior management.


Tracking packages, locating historical consignment information, assigning collection points and, in some cases, ordering consumables were not, for much of our audience, scheduled tasks in diaries. Some were tracking to see if they’d meet deadlines, others were checking historical data because a problem had arisen and often consumables were ordered as stress purchases because of logistic changes and unexpected shortages. This meant people needed to complete tasks on the Tuffnels site, quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss, as the more time spent solving these problems, impacted more on their day-to-day schedules.


It was clear from the outset that we need to work closely, in partnership with Tufnells’ internal IT team in order to marry up what they were trying to achieve with the user journeys we wanted to create, given the insight.

Creode created bespoke portal that now allows B2B customers to track their consignments en masse, download consignment histories and delivery notes, manage collection points and order consumables.

Not only that, we’ve further improved the platform to integrate with Tuffnels’ internal systems via API to serve up large volumes of personalised information to users quickly. Less time on-site means more peopkle getting on with the rest of their day

The site has been continuously reviewed to improve speed, security and functionality, due to a complete transition to the Drupal framework.

Now, not only a speedier, more intuitive marketing tool, the Tuffnells site also performs crucial business tasks such as track and trace, depot locators, available services, and integration with My Tuffnells.

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