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They say knowledge is power. And never in the Financial Services world has it ever been so prescient. With Consumer Duty almost upon us, now is the time to arm yourself with the power you need for successful FS marketing campaigns.

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Here's just a flavour of what's covered ...

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Why and who

With vast experience as a financial services agency, we know that knowledge of the new legislation is vital. But we also look at who else it affects and who it benefits, including the longer-term implications of its introduction for your FS brand.

What and when

There's no escape; Consumer Duty is coming. Find out what it is exactly and what, as a Financial Services marketer, you need to put in place to be compliant.

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Wins and more wins

We discuss how to approach the new legislation and describe 10 ways in which you can still achieve outstanding success in your marketing and advertising, post Consumer Duty.

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