No gaps. More accountability. An easier marketing life. What a truly integrated marketing agency means for your campaign.

Back in the bad old days, clients would wonder who to speak to if they weren’t getting the results they needed from their PPC drive or their display ad campaign.

Was it their digital marketing agency’s responsibility to improve the creative? Did their PPC agency not have a grasp of all the individual improvements needed to make each campaign work harder? Was it that their web design agency had designed a site that could just not convert? Should they talk to the UX guys?

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Supercharging your business

Fact is, for clients simply trying to improve their marketing effectiveness, there were just too many gaps. That’s why Creode was created. As the continuous improvement agency we develop a strategy that ensures all campaign activity and campaign budgets are optimised to deliver the right message to a specific audience at the right time.

That’s whether the activity is focused on building brand awareness, generating leads or driving sales. And because we have the right blend of expertise in-house, from SEO to PPC, from creative campaign creation to robust coding and response-led UX design, we know how to improve your customer touch points to create continuous improvement. One point of contact. No gaps. Truly integrated marketing campaigns.

And be assured that before we set your marketing campaign on the right path, our planning and strategy team identify the right blend of insights to develop a compelling proposition. Our creative team then uses this platform to bring the big brand idea to life, whilst we work with you to select the most effective digital marketing channels to deliver the results you seek. Part of this process involves adapting the creative concept or idea so that it is fit for each marketing channel, whilst maintaining a consistent message and brand experience for the customer.

Multiple channels allow us to bring the campaign proposition and idea to life and build more meaningful engagement with customers, allowing us to capture data, generate and convert leads and drive sales.

The media channel mix in a truly integrated campaign will include a combination of some or all the following:

Paid Media

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  • Digital display
  • TV and TV on demand
  • Programmatic
  • PPC
  • Paid social
  • Press

Earned Media

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  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • PR
  • Outreach

Owned Media

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  • Social media
  • Email
  • Website
  • UX
  • Digital experience
  • Campaign focussed landing page
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