Date published

May 06, 2020

Writing for SEO can often seem like a daunting task. To make things a little easier, here's a quick digest of some in depth research into what drives the highest click though rates in organic search.

  1. Position is all important. Higher position = higher CTR
  2. Title tags that contain a question have a higher CTR
  3. Title tags between 15 to 40 characters have the highest CTR
  4. URLs that contain a keyword have a higher click through rate
  5. Adding “Power Words” to your title tag may decrease your CTR. Power words are things like Secret, Powerful, Ultimate, Perfect, Best, Insane, Amazing
  6. Emotional titles may improve your CTR. Anything with a positive or negative sentiment (an opinion)
  7. Writing meta descriptions for your pages results in a higher CTR