Good UX design can add to your bottom line. Bad UX design can bring your brand to rock bottom. Our mission is to make yours world-class.

Why User Experience Design matters

User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design at Creode starts with your audience. It focuses on understanding what your visitors might need to do and designing an interface that has elements they find easy to access, understand, and use. Which ultimately means you turn more visitors into customers, members and repeat visitors.

In fact, at Creode, we aim to execute UX design so well that your visitors don’t even notice it. That’s because badly designed user journey and UI creates barriers to users. Barriers which has an adverse effect on your business achieving its goals.

UX elements bring together skills from interactive design, visual design, user research and information architecture. And at Creode, our UX and UI designers work hand-in-hand with our front-end designers and our developers, so our clients benefit from a seamless visual, response-led approach.

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How we make user experience design work in practice

User research allows you to understand the goals, skills, and preferences of your audience. Once you understand your users, you can build out personas to help you keep on track.

Designers and developers at Creode always follow best-practice UX design principles, including:

1. Users front and centre so they are in control of the interface
2. Interact with a website / product with ease
3. Make user interfaces consistent
4. Reduce cognitive load

Our approach to UX design means that your site users will quickly and easily learn how to read your interface as they interact with your brand online. It’s why we bake in consistency and use common elements, both visually and functionally. And it’s how we not only gain more response for our clients, but also why we create online experiences that their audiences enjoy too.

We want users to say your website or app is a delight to use, even for services that others may feel are mundane. Users should feel they’ve achieved their goals—and of course, your objectives—with ease. And that, of course, means accommodating people with different skill levels and eliminating all elements which aren’t helping them. It also means considering scannability, cognitive overloading and useful, instructional messaging—especially on error messages.

Accessibility - Design accessible interfaces

Good UX and UI is accessible—for all. And improving your product’s accessibility enhances the usability for all groups of users. For example, a good UI design will have high contrast with large visual elements, and a well-designed product is accessible to users of all abilities, including those with low vision, blindness, hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, or motor impairments.

At Creode, we carry out accessibility audits for clients such as The Royal Armouries and Scope and we can do the same for you. Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about aligning your site or app with today’s accessibility standards.

User experience design and your brand

Real-world users shouldn’t notice great UX design. What they should feel are great experiences at key touchpoints with your brand and the service or product you offer. Those experiences should communicate your brand values and reinforce users’ trust in you. So for any user experience agency, a deep understanding of the brand proposition and tone of voice is a must.

Our strong integrated offering and in-house expertise means we can seamlessly ensure that any user interface design is in step with your proposition—whether we’ve developed your brand or not—with total accountability under one roof.

So, if you are interested in how our approach to user interface design can not only create better experiences for your audience, but also more conversions, accessibility—and profitability, talk to Creode today.

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