Paid social campaigns are more effective when combined with other digital channels. Say hello to Creode, a paid social agency that truly integrates the comms throughout your marketing mix with your activity on social to amplify not just your reach, but your response, too.

Making the most of every opportunity

And whilst it’s important to remember what a highly competitive landscape it is, let’s not underestimate the huge opportunity that your brand’s social channels have:

Not only that, social media is a highly personal channel, if not the most personal platform on the planet. And with roots in the personalised world of direct marketing, Creode has expertise in creating highly targeted social media campaigns for big brands and start-ups alike.

But the reason behind our success as a paid social agency, lies not solely in the creation of those campaigns, but in the planning and strategy that goes into them; smart targeting, relevant messaging and a focus not just on engagement, but business-boosting conversion.

Always engaging. Continuously improving

If you’ve gone to the effort of creating a great social media campaign, this is where the fun really starts when you
work with Creode. That’s because we set to work with our continuous improvement strategy; testing what works well, fine-tuning what can work better; optimising in real-time as we amplify key messaging and test performance by platform, audience and both ad and device type. This not only gives us a clear picture of what we need to do to turbo boost your campaign, but also gives you clear transparency on what you’re spending where and why.

All under one roof. No gaps. No misunderstandings. No lack of accountability. Just a seamless approach to supercharging your paid social marketing.

So what do we do, where?

Not every social media platform is right for every brand. And at Creode, we’ll never recommend a platform that we don’t feel is the right fit for you.

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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn gives you a real opportunity to target key decision makers, so is highly suitable for many B2B (and some B2C) campaigns.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter’s fast-paced feed of words and images, makes it a great platform for advertisers to stand out. And with over 340 million users a month, you have both a large captive audience—and the ability to target niche groups.

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Instagram Advertising

As a highly visual advertising platform, Instagram can help your brand drive business by fusing Facebook’s robust ad system with its own native placements.

Facebook Advertising

No social media platform is outperforming Facebook right now for its ability to offer highly targeted options and a huge potential audience of over 2 billion users. At Creode, we can help you stop scrollers in their tracks and turn browsers into buyers.

Find out how we would approach getting the most out of your paid social budget