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Solving complex problems to drive revenue  across multiple websites
The Challenge

Four Drupal websites with multiple integrations

Fitch Learning are part of the Fitch Ratings Group who are one of the “Big Three credit rating agencies”, the other two being Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. Creode have been their long term digital partner maintaining and developing their four business websites to drive their marketing strategy forward.

Fitch Learning’s websites are built on the Drupal platform and they needed an expert to take over their Drupal development. The websites are hugely important business tools for Fitch as they deliver many of their programmes and online support to a global audience.

The websites have multiple integrations including ERP, all of which have to be very robust and highly functioning.

The Solution

High end development and effective project management

After a period of technical discovery Creode successfully integrated all websites into Fitch Ratings’ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This was a very robust piece of work as website performance and integrity are paramount to them and their client base, also it all takes place within a strict sector specific regulatory framework . The result of this work enabled the websites to become a seamless part of the ecosystem allowing them to:

  • Offer over 300 courses in 12 cities worldwide.
  • Display different prices for global regional variations using geo-targeting.
  • Provide a hub of online learning materials including more than 120 hours of recording and over 3000 sets of questions and answers.
  • Provide auto renewal functionality to individuals taking the programme
  • Offer lifelong membership for Alumni so they can access the resources
  • Offer lifelong membership for Alumni so they can access the resources.
  • Created a script to obfuscate all customer data for use in the development environment hence avoiding any breach of GDPR.
    The Fitch Group were using an install of Marketo, the leading marketing and automation software, which Creode successfully integrated into the websites. This delivered powerful data to the Fitch Learning marketing team allowing them to build a single source of truth for each customer. Using analytics and session recording Creode have also remapped the user journey, redesigned and developed a website to support individuals who are going to take the Certificate in Quantitative Finance. It can take up to two years to complete the programme so this website is a crucial resource.Creode have also designed and developed the online application website where potential candidates can apply to take the programme. The application is very involved and takes some time to complete so user experience with clear signposting and save and retrieve functionality was key.
The Outcome

A solid development partner

Fitch Learning’s relationship with Creode has enabled them to turn their websites into very powerful business tools. 

Increasing their customer base with the ability to market to potential candidates who visit the website by a seamless Marketo integration. While also being indispensable to current candidates so to support them and therefore increase retention. 

Alumni can be powerful advocates of the programme and their value has been realised by greatly improving the life long learning hub and keeping a strong connection with the brand.

No matter what challenge we put their way, the team respond in a timely and solutions-focused manner. There is strong transparency with every project they undertake and they always put the customer first.

Moray Souter (Head of Digital Marketing Fitch Learning)
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