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We provide all round digital support for Fitch Learning across their four Drupal websites
The Challenge

Four Drupal websites with multiple integrations

Fitch Learning’s websites are built on the Drupal platform and they needed an expert to take over their Drupal development. The websites are hugely important business tools for Fitch as they deliver many of their programmes and online support to a global audience.

The websites have multiple integrations including ERP, all of which have to be very robust and highly functioning.

The Solution

High end development and effective project management

Firstly we mapped out all of the Drupal architecture and integrations so we could see the whole picture of Fitch’s online business. From this we could identify areas of improvement and start to build an ongoing development plan.

Using Codebase as our project management tool we organised all the work into sprints and kanban boards to move everything through as frictionlessly as possible. We also needed to run a retainer based account with separate projects spinning off.

This gives us a very solid base to support and develop Fitch Learning’s online business.

The Outcome

A solid development partner

Getting the development roadmap in place and applying effective project management has enabled us to become a very solid partner for Fitch Learning. We continue to plan and develop the ongoing improvements and enjoy a great relationship with this global brand.

No matter what challenge we put their way, the team respond in a timely and solutions-focused manner. There is strong transparency with every project they undertake and they always put the customer first.

Moray Souter (Head of Digital Marketing Fitch Learning)
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