8th March 2018

Work Experience Placement: Andy Hammill

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We all remember work experience, right? For me it was going into a geology lab, crushing rocks and (apparently) looking for fossilised pollen. Yes, my Dad was a little disappointed that I didn’t follow in his footsteps!

Creode have recently been approached by Leeds City College to offer work experience placements to their Computer Science students, so over the next few weeks we’ll have some new (and very young!) faces in the office. 

First up is Andy, an aspiring games developer. Here’s a little bit about him. 


What is your role at Creode? – I don’t have a role as i’m only here for work experience but so far I have worked on testing their websites.


Real age? – 16


Previous experience? – This is my first experience in a work environment. So everything is new to me.


Where do you call home? – Leeds is my home, lived here my whole life.


Where did you/ or a currently studying? – Right now I am studying at Leeds City College, Printworks Campus. Learning the principles and fundamentals of computer science.


What’s your favourite piece of design software? – I haven’t used that many but i’ll have to say Photoshop, for being able to make photos however you like and add different effects to them.


What do you like to do in your spare time? – Mostly like to play video games and talk to my friends but other days I just want to play with my pet Bearded Dragon ‘Skailey’. (Weird name I know).


Where is your favourite place to eat in leeds? – I’ll have to say Nandos. Nice and cheap and overall delicious.


It’s your turn to sing at the karaoke bar, which song would you choose? – I can’t sing and I mostly like remixes but I will probably choose Superheroes.


If you were a box of cereal, which would it be? – Cookie Crisp


If you were stranded on an island, which 3 things would you bring? – My pet lizard, phone and charger to listen to music.


What’s your favourite flavour Jelly Bean? – I don’t eat Jelly Beans but i’ll have to say orange.


Favourite Celebrity? – Troy Baker, the voice actor of the main character ‘Joel’ from my favourite game ‘The Last Of Us’.


What do you like about Creode so far? – The friendly attitude and overall humor of everyone.