21st June 2012

Web Trends for 2012

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We’re half way through 2012, so let’s take a look of what we’re seeing and what we’re yet to see for web trends in 2012.

Responsive website designs

Now-a-days, the Internet is being accessed from a wide array of different sources, including mobile phones, tablets, TVs, widescreens, retina displays to name a few, this means websites need to be more flexible. So, instead of building separate websites for all of these different sources, or having a website that looks nasty on screens it wasn’t built for, web designers are opting to go for a responsive web design, these are easier to manage and give users a great experience no matter their screen size or resolution. This is a web trend we’ll no doubt be seeing more of.

Web Trends 2012

Fixed navigation bars

Websites with simple navigation are finding better ways to keep the navigation fixed on the page whilst the users scroll around. This web trend will grow more and more in 2012 as people start to adopt HTML5 and CSS3 more, allowing more flexibility with website design.

Fixed navigation

More youthful branding

Many companies are moving away from the corporate, stiff image of the past, especially on the web, opting for a more youthful approach. They’re doing this by giving their brands mascots, using a more informal and youthful tone of voice and by generally being more friendly in their approach. With companies like Mailchimp and Mozilla leading the way, the web is sure to grow more youthful and more fun.

Ribbons, banners & vintage themes

This element of web design had a big serge in 2011 and continues to grow in 2012. In my opinion it is making websites look a bit more touchable and “real”. Bringing elements like ribbons, bookmarks, banners and stitching is making websites feel a bit warmer, and we can expect more of this web trend throughout 2012.

Web Trends 2012


Infographics really started to take over the web in 2011, and there is no sign of them slowing down in 2012. When done well, they look good and make information easier and more appealing to digest. If you’re fed up of these, then I’m sorry, but they are here to stay. The good news is that they are sure to evolve; becoming more interactive and creative in their presentation.

A more simple web

Minimalistic themes have become a more and more popular trend in web design. The ultimate goal of a website is to get users from A to B, so by stripping back the navigation and unclogging a design, websites can lead a user through their site much easier, getting them to a desired goal. Less choice and more direction will be the trend for many websites in 2012.

Web Trends 2012

More HTML5 and CSS3

As HTML5 and CSS3 approaches standardisation, and with the 3 big players already implementing these experimental languages within their browsers, developers are feeling more comfortable using HTML5 and CSS3 in their builds. Throughout 2012 we’ll see a lot more websites move over to these languages, making the Interent more attractive and packed with extra features.

Growth of the mobile web

The mobile phone has taken the technology world by storm, by introducing touch and smaller screens to the web, it has to be more adaptive than ever. As previously mentioned, responsive designs are changing the way web developers plan, design and build websites. With advances in 4g technology and the handsets themselves, the mobile web is only going to get more popular.

Rise of an even more social web

Social networking will continue to grow in importance, forcing brands to be more human and come out from hiding behind their corporate images. As well as companies adopting social strategies, we’ll see more social network start-ups emerge; companies similar to Instagram, Path and Spotify, where the concept niche and simple.

Web Trends 2012

Internet Explorer 6 will disappear – Wishful Thinking…

Depending on the kind of company you are or your target demographic, you probably have to deal with how IE6 renders your design, well, by the end of 2012 you will no longer have to worry about it. IE6 will no longer exist…