11th November 2014

We Have Appointed a New Digital Marketing Executive

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creode digital marketing manager

Creode started life as a web design and development company way back in 2008, which feels like a lot longer than 6 years ago! Since then we have developed into a full service digital agency, which includes an in-house digital marketing team. Now, in 2014, our digital marketing team service a wide range of clients spanning many different industries. This has resulted in the need to grow our in-house team and in this article we get to know our newly appointed digital marketing executive Daniel. If you have any questions for Daniel, please add them in the comments below..

What is your role at Creode? – I’m a Digital Marketing Manager. This involves working on a number of client accounts, improving their SEO, producing content marketing pieces, PPC, email marketing and everything else that goes with it!

Real age? – 22

Experience? – I left University in June 2013, and then immediately went into a role working as an in-house Online Marketing Assistant for an airport parking comparison website. This role served as a great introduction into the world of digital marketing and allowed me to gain experience in SEO, PPC, email marketing and content marketing, as well as managing pricing strategies for the car parks. I also now have hundreds of airport codes ingrained into my brain, which I am hoping one day will come in useful in a pub quiz somewhere!

Where do you call home? – Well I’m originally from Bangor in North Wales, so I guess I still count that as home, but I’ve lived in Leeds now for around 5 years so it’s kind of like my second home.

Which University did you attend and what degree did you complete? – I studied at The University of Leeds, and studied for a degree in New Media. The practical elements of the degree covered everything from web development, digital design, to animation and creating interactive games using Actionscript. If I had a pound for every time someone’s asked me,”So what’s new about media?” – I’d have a few more pounds than I have now for sure!

What’s your favourite piece of design software? – I’d probably say Photoshop, I used it throughout Uni so kind of got to grips with it eventually. Illustrator is also pretty good, but can be a bit more difficult to get your head around -in my opinion anyway.

What do you like to do in your spare time, any particular hobbies? – I’ve been for a run twice this year; so I could tenuously say I like to run I guess -but I don’t, who does really? I love horror films even if I am the jumpiest person you will ever meet. I also like to go to gigs which is ideal when living in Leeds because it’s the perfect location to see any band or artist you want! I really like to paint when I get a chance, which isn’t very often these days but It is definitely something I need to get back into soon.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Leeds? – That would have to be Reds BBQ. It’s hard not to love somewhere that serves large quantities of meat. I also love that their coleslaw doesn’t have mayonnaise in it; they understand me and my irrational phobia’s. Something that always sticks in my mind is the time I ate there, and sat next to someone who forgot his wallet so tried to pay by offering a deodorant gift set to the waitress; she wasn’t impressed.

It’s your turn to sing at the karaoke bar, which song would you choose? – I want to say I’d sing something really cool and alternative, but in reality I’d probably end up singing Taylor Swift, because who could have a bad time listening to me warble through Shake it off?

What is your biggest pet hate? – I have a thing about people who don’t close cupboard doors properly in the kitchen, I have no idea where this stems from and it seems a fairly recent development in my life. It’s more than likely the descent into me becoming my dad.

If you were a box of cereal, which would you be? – Tesco value cornflakes.. you just can’t go wrong.

If you were stranded on an island, which 3 things would you bring? – I would bring a friend, a throne and probably a lot of beer. Then for those 3 days I survived, I could be king of my island drinking beer, sat in my throne, and I would have someone there to rule over (and probably eat eventually). If I get washed up on a desert Island somewhere the likelihood of me surviving is slim so I may as well enjoy my last few days while I can.

What’s your favourite flavour Jelly Bean? – I really like the banana ones, because they taste so unnatural and unlike any banana would ever taste in real life; it’s escapism.

Favourite Celebrity? – I like funny people and Tina Fey springs to my mind when I think of someone who makes me laugh. She also wrote one of my favourite TV shows ever, 30 Rock. She can laugh at herself which I think is a great trait to have, there’s nothing worse than someone who takes themselves too seriously.

If there was a movie made about your life, who would play you? – I’d like to think it would be someone really smart and sophisticated but it would probably end up being one of the chuckle brothers, or Barry from Eastenders.

What do you like about Creode so far? – I like how varied the role is and how I can go from doing one thing one minute, to something completely different the next; it makes work more interesting to say the least. It’s also great working for a company that really knows their stuff. I wanted to move to a role that would allow me to gain a more expansive and in-depth digital marketing knowledge and I definitely feel that Creode is the right place to achieve that.