9th November 2012

Should the Internet be a utility?

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Should the internet be a utility? Can you live without the Internet? Technically the answer is yes, and I guess that is why it isn’t currently classified as a utility. Unlike gas, water and electricity that are pretty much vital to avoid being dead. You definitely need water and you need some way of keeping warm, especially in the colder months of the year, which accounts to most months here in the UK. I bet many of your answered, “no, I cannot live without the Internet”, and you might have a point. For most of us, and probably you reading this, the Internet is required for our jobs, to earn money to pay for other bills. In fact I’m going to make a bold statement; every company in the modern world uses the Internet in some way, so in that respect, in this day and age, you really couldn’t live without it. Surely if the world is so dependent on the Internet it should really be a utility. When you picture the future, isn’t everything connected by the Internet, from coffee machines to bus stops? That’s the future I see anyway. When you start to think of the Internet as a utility it makes the world a better place. You could simply move into a new house and have internet access immediately. Wouldn’t that be nice? You could then choose your provider, as you would electric or gas, and get the best deal for you. When you visit a hotel, the Internet would be included as standard, just like water is. When you’re on a train, they would give you Internet access, just like they give you heat and electricity (on some). When you’re in a pub or restaurant, you’d be able to hook up to the Internet. And any other number of scenarios where you wish you’d had connection. Of course there are probably a few minor niggles with this idea that need to be ironed out, such as infrastructure, but surely if we plan on having a better future, we should start thinking about this now. What are your thoughts?