We're fascinated by people. We unpick difficult problems to make things easier for them. We understand that behind all the data, are living, breathing, changeable human beings.

We've spent years fine-tuning and developing processes that enable us to get to the bottom of unique technical problems and specific marketing or business issues. We do this by understanding behaviour, people's aspirations and the challenges they could face, before putting strategies for success.

Research & Insight
  • Customer and market research
  • Customer and data segmentation
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Analytics audits
  • Site structure review
  • Session monitoring
  • User experience
Digital, brand and communication planning
  • Data and digital discovery workshops
  • Digital transformation
  • Brand positioning and proposition development
  • Brand development and visual identity
  • CRM and customer journey planning
Our expertise

We do three things extremely well at Creode. Think. Innovate. Engage.

  • Research & Insight
  • Digital, brand and communication planning
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  • Creative Communication
  • Digital Development
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  • Customer Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • On-site and SEO
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