The one thing that’s always said about pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing is that brands don't pay unless their ads are successful. True. But there are a few more moving parts where brands—and hence individual paid search marketers—can not only boost their channel’s performance, but also gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Let’s be honest. When using paid search or PPC marketing to promote your product or services by boosting search engine results page listings, brands would rightly approach a specialist PPC agency and brief them separately.

Traffic for vanity. Profit for sanity

Talk to Creode, an integrated digital marketing agency that has expert PPC knowledge in-house and you’ll soon see a few more of the pieces of the jigsaw in your marketing mix fall into a more profitable place, such as:

Not only that, with Creode you have one PPC agency contact to fine-tune your paid search marketing activity to achieve more success for your budget. With our continuous improvement approach, including our semi-automated 70-point audit which analyses your activity through 8 areas including Google Ad Features and Additional Elements, you’ll get a 360 degree view of where you can increase your campaign’s performance.

It’s all because our approach is geared towards earning you that end sale or sign-up, rather than just being happy with the increased traffic.

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