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In 2012 Wren Kitchens faced a two-pronged challenge: how to attract new customers online and ensure that they visited a kitchen showroom

Customer Research

We needed to get a full understanding of the customer experience both online and offline, so mystery store visits, customer interviews and staff interviews formed an important part of the research process, in addition to moderated and unmoderated user testing, analytics research and customer surveys.

For a product with a long consideration period understanding how consumers interact with multiple brands is also important, so our research included tests to uncover consumer reactions to each of the six main competitors.

Prototypes, Wireframes and Design

For this project several innovative pieces of functionality were proposed, so the decision was taken to develop a full site prototype so that we could test the functionality with users and ensure it met their requirements.

Two rounds of testing were conducted on the prototype with refinements made at each point, before design and development began.

For the design phase we moved the lo-fi prototypes into hi-fi and very quickly we had designs that could be clicked and navigated. This was crucial to get the whole team to understand all of the interactions and user flow within the context of the design.

Ongoing Measurement, Testing and Optimisation

Upon launching the website we saw an immediate increase in conversion to enquiry of 25%, but of course, that’s not the full picture. We worked closely with Wren to track web enquiries to store visits and saw an overall increase web customers turning up at the showroom of 9%.

That figure hid some large discrepancies in performance of individual stores and further research revealed equal discrepancies in conversion to sale. Armed with this information we were able to make recommendations for optimising the in store experience.

On the website, AB testing allowed us to increase the conversion rate further and together with Epiphany we developed a deep understanding of how customers use the website and how user experience could be optimised across different marketing channels.

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