Skipton ISA Campaign

Integrated campaign for an ISA return on investment

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Creating a simple, relatable campaign for a full range of ISA savings
Creode Facebook Campaign for Skipton Building Society

Skipton is the UK’s 4th largest building society. With over 1 million members and 100 branches, it prides itself on finding good places for peoples’ savings and investments as well as providing mortgages for homeowners up and down the country. Every pre- and post-tax year, Skipton runs a campaign, highlighting both their range of tax-free Individual Savings Accounts, their team of ISA specialists who can offer expert advice. This brief was looking for an iconic, simple way to communicate Skipton’s large range, but also that their experts can demystify the choice.


While a lot of Skipton core customers are savvy when it comes to finances, people will always have questions around the mosts suitable ISA for them. This is compounded by the fact that Skipton has a large range of different ISA products, all with their own nuances, which may suit entirely different needs and indeed, savers.

Our task at Creode was two-fold:

  • Wrap the promotion of whole product range of ISA accounts in a simple, relatable idea.
  • Position Skipton Building Society ahead of its peers in being much more than mere providers of ISAs, but also experts in this field—all whilst bearing in mind FCA compliance, of course.

The insight was interesting; people either had a fair amount of questions before making the important decision of choosing the right savings account, or they chose an account based on their own hunches. And this is where the sticky head name guessing game concept was born. With sticky notes holding the names of Skipton’s various ISA accounts, we could position Skipton as expert advisers, simply by saying we’ll help remove the guesswork.

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