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Engaging more people into financial advice conversations

Skipton Building Society are on a mission to make financial advice accessible to more people. They want to engage with an audience who wouldn’t normally consider financial advice, and they know, during lockdown, many people have been worried about their personal financial situations—both now and for the future.
Our team of planners, designers, copywriters and developers worked collaboratively with the marketing, product, digital and compliance teams at Skipton. We created a digital tool that could be optimised, then repurposed and used on other media partner websites, becoming a key asset in Skipton’s digital marketing and engagement strategy. 

If you don’t have a financial adviser, how do you know you need help?

Thinking about the state of your finances now, or what your retirement might look like might feel like a scary and complicated subject. So, we simplified their perceived personal situations and helped people make sense of their own circumstances, by asking them questions about their life now and the life they might want in the future, within the context of a ‘what next?’ quiz game.
At the end of this they received a summary of where they were, where they needed to be to meet their financial goals and some simple advice on what they should consider if they wanted to change their situation. This positioned Skipton Financial Advice as accessible and friendly experts who can help.

Leads generated were 25% over target in the first 4 months

During the soft launch over 13k people engaged with the tool.
  • 34% went on to interact with the tool at the gamification level
  • 74% of people who answered the first questions went on to complete the tool
  • 12% of users who landed on the results page took action by either signing up to the newsletter, requesting a callback with a financial advisor or contacted Skipton via phone
  • 4% of users that landed on the results page requested a call back with a financial adviser
  • During the 4 months that we have had active campaigns running to promote the tool, we have generated 25% more leads than the target.
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The tool was exceptionally well received within Skipton and considered a huge success.

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