Touchpoint emails throughout the customer journey

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Gaining potential customer's attention through their is inbox notoriously hard work. How do we attract and retain customers using email?
The Challenge

ScS needed our help to design and test so we could find the most effective emails. The other challenge was to maintain the effectiveness and brand conversation once a customer moves through the sales process.

The Solution

Design, build and test

For the acquisition emails we worked on many variations of design, layout and messaging and using Campaign Monitor we could see the reports and effectiveness of each campaign. This began to shape the picture of what style of email worked best for different types of campaigns.

Once a customer has converted and moved through the order fulfillment process they require many touch point emails at each stage. We realise the importance of this communication and crafted all the copy to guide customers through the process. We took the brand tone of voice and developed it into informal and warm pieces of communication.

The Outcome

Increased conversations and improved brand perception

The acquisition emails increased conversions and continue to work very well. The order fulfilment emails introduced a new brand experience that did not exist before, customers who now move through this process come out the other end with far higher perception of the brand.

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