Opera North

Captivating design and an elegant ticketing platform

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Established in 1977, Opera North is one of the UK's most renowned opera companies.

With spellbinding performances, the organisation is breathing new life into the Arts throughout England.

The Challenge

Performance, Beauty & Drama

Provide Opera North with a platform to present its creative output and engage with its audience, allowing digital to play a key role in the organisation’s present, and future.

the solution

The rich tapestry of breathtaking photography available allowed us to showcase our creative side.

Taking on the challenge of bringing to life one of the UK’s most innovative, and inspiring arts organisations was the sort of challenge Creode were born for. Our team created a digital presence that showcased the vast range of work Opera North produces on a daily basis in a way that visually matched any performance.

Sales driven landing pages have increased conversion rates on the site significantly, and raised awareness of the full range of performances on offer. Both Creode and Opera North have received unanimous praise for the outcome, something we are very proud of.


Structure, Content and Navigation all play a key role in the project's success

Whilst keeping the primary focus of the website on the performances was key, we were also keen to promote the work the organisation does outside the theatre. Its Education and Charity work, as well as its own inspiring venue; the Howard Assembly Room, all demand the audiences’ attention in one seamless site.

Providing a dedicated mobile site also allows us to deliver content applicable to the device the user is using, making information retrieval and booking tickets just as easy on a smartphone as it is on a desktop computer.

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