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Winning business for Callcredit... by bringing data to life


We were briefed to create an integrated campaign for Callcredit Information Group’s consumer segmentation tool, CAMEO UK. And in creating the concept for this B2B integrated marketing campaign, we really got our geek on.

Making more of the CAMEO role

CAMEO UK classifies every individual, household and postcode in the UK for use in customer profiling, prospect targeting, market analysis, retail planning and risk for pricing assessment. Using data from the UK Census and Government Open Data sources, as well as Callcredit’s population map of over 50 million UK residents, the tool updates dynamically in real-time to give the most accurate and recent information that reflects changing customer characteristics.


Get it on, then pass it on

Callcredit wanted to target direct marketing agencies, advertising, PR and marketing agencies. So, using the insight that data experts were becoming increasingly respected and required within businesses, we created a mailing intended to get people talking (and laughing) about data how ‘geekiness’ was becoming the new cool. Using the glasses supplied, the direct mail pack demonstrates how easy, using CAMEO UK’s extremely user-friendly interface, it is for anyone in the agency to become a data geek. And, as the glasses inevitably get passed around the office, how easy it is, for everyone.


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