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A customised email campaign for pet lovers.

Over the last 16 years, Argos have insured over one million pairs of paws, and are one of the UK’s largest pet insurance brands.

But, like most insurance products, the majority of pet insurance customers review and/or renew their policy each year.

We were tasked with helping the Argos team increase the number of times the customer engaged with brand to improve customer retention, by helping them celebrate the birthday of their best friend.


Using existing customer data, we were able to talk directly to customers at the “right time” because we knew when their dog or cat would be celebrating another year (or seven).

We decided to design a series of bright and engaging email communications, to provide them with treats and ideas to celebrate the occasion.


Using a 10% off voucher in the Argos Pet store, the insurance team were able to align with the retail business and help drive incremental sales.

As part of the activity, we also included suggestions for recipes, and encouraged customers to bake their dog or cat a birthday cake to celebrate.

The campaign proved to be huge success with over 50% open rates on emails, and a click-through rate of over 10%.

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