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Tom Riordan
Episode 13

Repositioning and moving city … plus a parking ticket for The Boss

Tom Riordan has been Chief Executive of Leeds City Council since 2010. In Episode 13 of Marketing Unfiltered. Tom talks to our own Guy Weston and Tom McDermott about the future of a city, how we improve transport and what continual improvement can do to help.

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Stuart Clarke
Episode 12

Marketing, tech and better beer: making a city famous again

Leeds Digital Festival is now in its 6th year, and having just designed and built the new website, Creode is on a mission to make it bigger and better than ever. We talk to Festival Director, Stuart Clarke about big plans, bigger companies and huge ambitions for a city that’s going places.

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Guy Weston 2
Episode 11

Pandemics, pivoting, preparing for and investing in the future

In the latest edition of Marketing Unfiltered, we talk to Creode’s Joint Managing Director Guy Weston about the last 12 months, new working methods, and how the industry might change over the coming months.

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Larner Caleb 2
Episode 10

Helping and working with clients who take creative in-house (Pt2)

In the second of of our two-parter on in-housing, Creode Creative Director, Larner Caleb, discusses the challenges agencies face when clients decide to go in-house and how agencies can still do their bit to help.

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Larner Caleb
Episode 9

Helping and working with clients who take creative in-house (Pt1)

In the first of this two-parter, Creode Creative Director, Larner Caleb, discusses why clients take their marketing creative in-house and why it’s not always a bad thing for integrated agencies.

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Simon Geale
Episode 8

Business in a pandemic and establishing the new normal

We talk to Simon Geale of Proxima Group about how businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, what they’re doing to recover and what the new normal might look like.

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Liz Scott
Episode 7

Tech solutions to business problems

In this episode, we met with Tech Nation’s Head of Entrepreneur Engagement, Liz Scott. And, before Liz chaired a panel discussion at the Digital City Festival in Manchester, we deliberated a range of subjects including, tech transformation, Shopify, Slack, socio-economic groups and sustainability.

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James Mooney
Episode 6

Managing media communications at the highest sporting level

Leeds United’s Head of Media and Communications James Mooney talks to us about his role, brand strategy, crisis management, and the daily marketing and communications challenges his team face.

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Rob Wilson
Episode 5

European football sanctions and the impact on brand and sponsorship

We welcome back Dr Rob Wilson to discuss Manchester City’s ban from European club competition and the impact this could have on sponsorship, commercial partners and the brand.

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Scope charity
Episode 4

Government regulations and web accessibility

In a special “bitesize” edition, we spoke to Scope’s Head of Digital Inclusion Andy Hall about website accessibility, and some of the government regulations.

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Workplace diversity
Episode 3

The workplace and your diversity strategy

Kelly Weston joins us this week and talks about diversity in the workplace, how a diversity strategy can be implemented, and about what we can all be doing to help spread greater awareness on the subject.

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Rob Wilson
Episode 2

The science behind business, football finance, branding and sponsorship

In episode number two of Marketing Unfiltered, we travel across Yorkshire to Sheffield, and speak with business and football finance expert Dr Rob Wilson.

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James Mason
Episode 1

Repairing Welcome to Yorkshire

We start our Marketing Unfiltered podcast series talking to James Mason, the new chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire. James talks openly about his position, how he plans to repair the reputation of Welcome to Yorkshire, and how business and digital can play a prominent part in its resurgence.

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