12th December 2013

Our SEO Services

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As well as building awesome websites we also offer full SEO services to improve your site’s rank and bring in more qualified traffic. Through technical optimisation, user experience advice, link building, content marketing and more we can fulfil your site’s potential.

We tailor each campaign to be unique to each client rather than offering the same ‘off the shelf’ solution for every client. With experience in both informational websites and e-commerce websites in a variety of differing industries, we look at what will get the most effective results for your money in order to maximise your return on investment.

Website Optimisation

Our website optimisation service is about SEO, usability and performance. There’s a big benefit to strengthening any one of these attributes, but when they’re all working together you gain a huge edge on your competitors.

Through a thorough audit using market leading tools including Moz and Raven we can discover any issues that are blocking any of your content from being crawled by the search engines & any pages that are giving off low-quality signals. These issues can occur inadvertently without you knowing, but once we’ve taken an in-depth look over the site we can assign the issues a priority level and work with you to fix, or advise on a fix, for each significant issue.

Link Building

Link building has benefits in increasing your results page rankings (when done properly) and generating referrals. We can work with you to seek out high quality link opportunities and build relationships with site owners and thought leaders.

We engage in quality link-building and won’t just spam your site out anywhere and everywhere.

We’ll also help assess your overall current link profile as part of our audit, advising on any links that you may wish to ask for removing – it’s surprising how many poor links can be accumulated over time as a result of low quality content scraping sites or perhaps from previous use of an unscrupulous SEO.

Content Marketing

Engage with your customers and potential customers with our content marketing strategies. Our team will advise on which social networks to join & how and when to use them, helping you to take full advantage of opportunities for free organic advertising. We can also help with paid social network advertising.

Our team can manage this for you, providing engagement on social media and content for on site, such as blogs or informational pages.

Our content marketing services feed into link-building really well. Rather than directly selling yourself, your products or services, content marketing creates valuable content for free. This content can be informational, amusing, educational, challenging – as long as it is valuable in some sense it is linkable material. Meaning that rather than chasing or cajoling for links the links will happen naturally – and a natural link profile is generally a healthy one!


We of course include monthly reports, covering the vital statistics and information on your campaign, customised to your campaign and including any statistics that are of particular relevance or interest to you. This allows us to continue to develop our services in-line with your priorities and to demonstrate the ROI you’re receiving.

Clients including My 1st Years, Shoes International, Your Image 2 Canvas & more have found that our SEO Services can help websites gain an edge on the competition; for help with SEO contact our marketing team today!

We are recognised as a Top Search Engine Optimisation Company on DesignRush.