16th January 2012

Opera North

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The site simplifies the process of booking tickets for its 250 public performances nationwide each year, integrating with a range of different booking systems. The inclusion of social media throughout the site expands Opera North’s digital reach, and optimised versions for tablet and mobile devices means the organisation can now be accessed by visitors wherever they are.

Opera North’s digital manager, Ashley Mann, said: “I am extremely excited about the launch of the new website, which consolidates all the digital work we have been planning and slowly implementing over the past year. It is part of a raft of new initiatives to be rolled out during 2012, which include the capture of performances for subsequent broadcast and download online.

We have taken a big step towards strengthening our digital activity and providing the ideal space for the new digital output we are generating. We will further our activity by exploring digital technology as a means by which to help create future stage-sets and enhanced visual experiences to live audiences.”