26th October 2012

Meet Brett; Creode’s new Digital Producer

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Hi there, I’m Brett, the new Digital Producer at Creode. I’ve been brought on board to lead the project team to ensure the goals of our clients are met on budget and in time. So if you’re a client of Creode, or are interested in one of our range of services, I’ll no doubt be speaking to you very soon to help guide you through the development process.

It’s fair to say that my love for digital has grown immensely since I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2009. I’ve completely immersed myself in the digital world and it’s become my living and passion. Anyone involved in digital media will tell you that it grows at an incredibly fast pace; new technologies are constantly being developed and new techniques are always being implemented.

It’s important that you continue to develop with it and learn as much as you can, as quickly as you can. I bring to Creode and our clients a commitment to working hard to provide a top-class product and ultimate satisfaction. As a keen learner, I think it’s important to recognise all aspects of work as an opportunity to learn and develop myself further to achieve even greater standards on future projects. Creode is a Digital Media Agency which knows the industry inside out, provides the best services and strives to be ahead of the curve for future developments. As part of my role at Creode I will also be developing my PPC management skills, working closely with our digital marketing team.

That’s why I wanted to be a part of Creode. Our ambitions match, as do our philosophy of wanting to achieve the absolute best. Outside of work I’m a keen sportsman. I play cricket during the summer, football during the winter and cycle all-year-round, although these wintery months make it an absolute nightmare! If I had my own way, sports would be on the TV constantly and I’d be at gigs every night… we all have dreams. I look forward to working with you soon.