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Jul 25, 2022

... He's the man who can change the way you think. And do. Forever.

He's a guy who's been a copywriter, forever. And he's the one on the left in the picture above, showing him training in California with the legendary BJ Fogg.

Mike's an enigma. An evangelist of digital productivity and creativity. A force of nature ... and ...

... the driving force behind Small Changes, HUGE Impact—Creode's Leeds Digital Festival Event, this year.

You can learn more about that, here.

Mike's timeless work has starred in the creative bible that is the D&AD annual and he’s served his fair share of time on its prestigious copy jury—as well as many others.

Mike's also Creative Director for The Do Lectures, and author on the DO's hugely influential ‘Side Projects Report’. Not heard of 'Do'? Well, in the interests of continuous improvement and seriously backing yourself and teams around you, Do is the home of the creative underdog. As their site says, 'We tell ourselves we are capable of very little. And it is a lie'.

And Do's mission is to make sure that lie, through constant repetition, does not become a truth that holds us back.

As the Continuous Improvement Agency, we love what Do is doing and you can check out some of their talks, here.

Do Lectures Creode

And talking of going forward rather than back, more recently Mike qualified in Behaviour Design with Stanford University, Professor BJ Fogg. Get the low down on Professor Fogg, here.

That qualification to execute—and share—Fogg's Behaviour Design methodology is something that Mike describes as 'A massive upgrade in the day job.'

Where the hell was everyone?

And here's the thing: Mike has worked with some of the biggest brands and best marketing and advertising agencies in the world.

BUT ...

Not one Creative Director, no Marketing Director, Head of Planning or Strategy, New Business or even Sales Director, ever once told Mike how human behaviour works. How it really works. All of it.

It took a meeting with a Stanford University Professor to do that. And with it and change in Mike's career for the better. Forever.

3 minutes that could be life-changing

Mike's informal, entertaining 60-minute talk on Behaviour Design is fast becoming the stuff of legend. It's been a game changer—and even a life changer for many people in marketing, advertising and creative roles. Or anyone who has to think differently in their roles, for that matter.

It's a collection of models and methods, not only used by the digital giants of Silicon Valley, but which transformed Mike's role working with Do Lectures X10.

And Mike can tell you in just 3 minutes exactly the same model of human behaviour that he has qualified in.

Yep ... just a few sentences. And a couple of squiggles on a whiteboard.

3 short minutes that can open the door to some brand new thinking; systematic yet simple, easily applicable tools, hacks tips and tricks that you ... yes YOU ... can use immediately. For the benefit of yourself and the organisations you work for or with.

... Learning everything you need to know in 3 minutes. Or less. (Yes, really!)

Sacked by the wife and a new lease of life ...

Having said all that, here at Creode, we hope you'll hang around for the other 57 minutes as Mike takes us on a journey of fascinating creative and digital adventures, stopping off at just 3 Venn diagrams, the '10 year itch' and a whole bunch of digital and advertising tales along the way ...

... including how he was once sacked from an award-winning digital agency, by none other than his wife.

Why not give your brain a new lease of life and register to attend Creode's Small Changes, HUGE Impact, today.

Creode x Mike Coulter