Date published

May 19, 2020

Isolated Talks is a brilliant initiative, set up by creative agency types* in order to help out Samaritans.

Businesses radically changing what they offer. Celebrities hosting listening parties with fans who'd never ordinarily have the chance to chew the fat with such people. Families everywhere being in touch—even more than usual as they take part in online quizzes and games. There is no doubt, that the coronavirus lockdown has inspired some truly creative thinking—from everywhere.

Yes, you can think like a creative agency type. Or not ... if you don't want!

And if you happen to know our CD, Larner Caleb, you'll know he's a huge advocate of ideas coming from anywhere in a creative agency. The account team, the FD, the cleaner ... you name it. Ideas are not under the sole ownership of the studio in a creative agency. Or any other business for that matter.

Put that thought together, with a superb bit of thinking to help out a very worthwhile cause and it was a no-brainer for Larner.

It's also why his topic for discussion was how you can train the brain:

a) to be even more creative than it already is, and

b) (one for anyone wanting to break into a creative role) to start generating creative advertising and marketing ideas (concepting).

That second part may sound anathema to some creatives—as well as those people who simply think people are born innately creative—but as an ex-electronic engineer, it's something Larner firmly believes in.

You can watch his advice on exercising the brain to be more creative, here.You can watch great talks by all kinds of interesting people, including Amy Kean, Dr Stefanie Johnson, Dave Trott, Rory Sutherland and Jane Evans, here.

And you can donate to the Samaritans, here.

Or, if you've got something to say, why not say it for Samaritans. The good people at Isolated Talks would love to hear from you.

Keep going, get creative and stay safe.

*Isolated talks was established by Giles Edwards, Glenn Fisher, Tommy Mason and Matt Ballington.