Date published

Dec 07, 2018

Hosting can be expensive, so for a small charity the default option is often a self managed, basic server with little or no support.

Creode host websites for a huge number of clients and a handful of small charities. We'd like to expand this offer to other local charities who are looking for basic hosting, but want a reputable agency to have their back.

If you represent a small charity (less than 5 paid members of staff), based or working near either our London or Leeds office we'd love to hear from you.

We can't promise to help everyone, but we will consider each application on its own merits.

The ideal charity profile:

  • Based or working near one of our offices
  • Less than 5 paid members of staff
  • Not part of a larger national or international charity
  • Not paying for fundraising
  • Working directly with those you support
  • Supporting children, elderly or disabled people

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