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Oct 02, 2014

Facebook has announced the launch of its rejuvenated Atlas ad-serving measurement platform. Finally, we could have a strong competitor against Google’s Adwords. So will this be a win win for agencies and clients alike?

Facebook purchased the Atlas service from Microsoft back in 2013 with a view to increase its advertising reach and most importantly, it’s data tracking abilities. According to EMarketer Inc in 2013 Facebook was lagging behind Google in the share of the display ad market by around 3%. Atlas has since not really delivered on any increase, but this release could be the catalyst to true competition in the marketplace. Now we have an official launch from Facebook, marketers around the globe have been offering insights as to what the new Atlas will have to offer:

Improved online ad measurement

With existing issues with ad measurement, Facebook hopes to plug the gap between ad interaction and ad response. Facebook says Atlas will solve problem by connecting users’ ad interactions to their Facebook accounts instead, whether the ads appear on Facebook or on other sites. “We’re taking all the benefits of people-based marketing within Facebook and putting them in Atlas,” Mr. Jakubowski explained to The Wall Street Journal yesterday.

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True mobile statistics

Without the use of cookies of mobile devices tracking ad usage has always been difficult. Facebook believes it’s solved this issue by tying all usage data to its members’ profiles. Clever in theory, but we’ll see how this one pans out…

Connecting the dots between online and offline

This has always been a bug bear for marketers. Measuring the effect of offline ads against online is currently near impossible. Because Facebook tracks people/members instead of using the traditional cookies, Facebook says Atlas can help marketers track the relationship between online and offline ads. It’ll be interesting to see how they present the data on this.

Omnicom, the ad holding company have partnered with Facebook claim Pepsi and Intel have already moved over the platform. Keep your eyes peeled in the near future to see what Atlas will really offer customers.