Date published

May 22, 2020

Why host 2020: what next?

Times for business and brands have never been so challenging. Creating real cut-through in today's markets has never been so important. Recent events before and during H1, means staying relevant as a brand is not just important, but vital to survival. Where to prioritise budgets and how to optimise your digital presence adds more complication.

So how to simplify? And what about if we don't just want to survive, but thrive? What next?

2020: What Next? discussed the greatest challenges and the biggest opportunities facing ambitious businesses for the rest of the year and beyond.

Never before have brands needed to find their voice as much as now. Never before, have brands needed to connect with their audiences as much as now. Geared towards increasing your market edge, part of our webinar focussed on the results of our 2020: What Next? survey, which you can now download here.

Who is it for?

2020: What Next? is ideal for current and future business leaders. For professionals who are seeking to forge a strategic route ahead through uncertain commercial waters and how digital transformation can be applied for success. And it's for those interested in hearing the expert views and analysis of business peers and competitors.

From CMOs to CEOs from MDs, Marketing Directors, investors and tech start-ups, 2020: what next? is the perfect platform to supercharge a successful strategy for H2 and the uncertain times beyond.

Topics discussed included:

  • Technology enablement
  • Buying-in to the digital agenda
  • Personalised and automated marcomms
  • Brand relevance in a period of flux
  • Digital transformation

An Expert Panel

We were very pleased and grateful to have a superb panel, full of wisdom and very willing to offer their insights and expertise. Representing global and UK brands, our panel included:

A huge thank you again to our panel—and of course, those of you who attended. And if you couldn't make it, in the interests of sharing the knowledge in these testing times, you can download the report here and watch out for the full webinar edit coming soon.