Date published

Feb 15, 2021

This month, Creode invested £50k in an ethical and highly ambitious Shopify e-commerce marketplace

With an ambition to have almost 200 ethics-first brands signed up within the next 12 months, Creode has planned, designed and built a huge e-commerce site on the Shopify platform. Generous APE will have a huge digital focus as the sustainable fashion brand aims to ensure all partners support the company’s three sustainability pillars of animals, people and the environment.

The brainchild of Hugo Empson, the business plans to tackle the perception that fast fashion is always in conflict with the environment.

Hugo said: “We want to create a community that shares in our passion for sustainable fashion and the planet. These have previously struggled to work in total harmony, but we believe that retail can evolve and be beneficial to our planet, and we are determined to drive this forward with the right team in place. And thanks to investment such as this from like-minded people, we are on track to build a robust platform to take fashion in a brighter future.”

Hugo is supported by a senior team of executives who have previously worked at board level in retailers including Selfridges, Fenwicks, Boots and Sainsbury’s.

Philip Crampton, Director of Strategy at Creode commented: “We loved the concept straight away and believe the need for an ethical retail platform that cares for the environment has never been more pressing.

“This, coupled with an immediate challenge to employ some of our core skills, whilst giving a voice to up to 200 ethical style and fashion brands and helping consumers navigate this often complicated arena, made it a fairly quick decision to invest in the business.

“The e-commerce site we’ve built on Shopify provides a great platform for smaller brands to reach a new audience, without the need for additional development or admin work. The system has been built to take all of the strain for these small businesses and will scale as the site grows.”

In addition to building and designing the online marketplace, Creode has also been commissioned to develop the Generous APE proposition and brand, as well as delivering the digital marketing strategy and execution to consumers and brands. Following extensive research into the market, consumer behaviour and revenue potential the agency invested in the business to share both risk and reward.

Investment opportunities with Generous APE are still available via the Seedrs fundraising platform.

If you'd like to discuss this e-commerce site that's been built on Shopify and learn a little more about how it works, get in touch with a member of our team today.