Date published

Jan 26, 2023

At Creode, we’re thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Leeds-based real-time industry data tracking company The Data City.

Creode X The Data City

After forming a relationship working together on a number of projects over the past few years, we’ve come together with The Data City to support our growing public sector client base.

Moving forward Creode will now be able to offer The Data City’s database of 5+ million companies and 350 Real-Time Industrial Classifications alongside web application development for public sector organisations such as local government, LEPs and councils via the Digital Outcomes Specialist framework.

On the collaboration, Guy Weston, Creode CEO remarked “The Data City has developed a unique data set and we’re excited to be able to tap into this wealth of economic and commercial data to help us serve our public sector clients. It’s a pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking team, who are genuinely interested in solving problems for clients and providing insights through clever use of data.”

The Digital Outcomes Specialist framework

The Digital Outcomes Specialist framework gives suppliers – Creode and The Data City - the platform to sell digital services to government, normally categorised as digital outcomes, specialists, user research studios and participants.

This means as an eligible supplier alongside Creode, The Data City will be able to provide more direct services and real-time data classifications to the government, making it easier than ever for organisations to understand the UK’s fastest-growing sectors.

Paul Connell, founder and executive chair of The Data City commented, “This is the start of our strategic partnership with Creode. We’re looking forward to working closely together with a digital agency in Leeds, supporting clients in the public sector and beyond. In 2023, we’ll be exploring ways Creode’s private sector organisations can make use of our unique data set.”