Date published

Jan 27, 2021

Dave Trott. 1+1=3

If you work in a digital marketing agency, this is for you. If you have to think creatively—and I don't just mean advertisingly creatively—strategy, planning, even web development, then yep, this is for you.


1+1=3 is a digestible, dip-in work-out for the brain that doesn't want to think straight. By that, I mean that old cliche; it's for people who need to think outside the box. And let's face it, that's just about anybody in a digital marketing agency. In fact, these days, who doesn't need to think creatively.

Sprinkled with Dave's down-to-earth humour and wordly exchanges, the book is a series of stories, providing enlightenment, entertainment and. most importantly, practical advice, you can take away and put into your marketing thinking.

All Ifs, no Buts

If you're old enough, each tale may give you a Tales of the Unexpected vibe of a twist in the tale and if you're not old enough, then think yourself lucky that each anecdote has the potential to open the door to a new avenue of thought for you.

If you're stuck on a brief, you can dip in, tune out and uncover a way to unlock a new ay of thinking about the problem.

If you're in communications, it's an easy read that can teach you not only how to look at the same problem through a different lens, but also how we can compel people to know more.

For someone who believes that creative problem solving can be taught, nurtured and improved, this, because of its affordability and accessibility is a must-have.

What it isn't, is a jargon-filled technical lecture or set of lessons on how to improve your approach to creativity. But that's a good thing, right! Moreover, it doesn't profess to be that lesson-led tome and as Dave Trott himself might say, communicating a point is far more show than tell.