Date published

Oct 24, 2015

Super Account Handlers are rare! And as such, they are like gold dust for any self-respected marketing agency. They require skill, diplomacy, leadership, intelligence, method, patience and wisdom and have to exhibit professional and personal characteristics that cannot always be taught.

Here are 5 things that we think you should do to be a Super Account Handler…


It isn’t just about what you say; it’s about listening and really hearing what the other person says. People are starting to call us customer engagement agencies; well that customer engagement starts from within the agency itself with your peers, the studio and of course, your clients. And when it comes to clients, it’s about the ability to interpret the subtext, not just the text, of any communication. It never hurts to ‘over’ communicate with your client so long as what you have to say is valuable. We sell the art of communication, so being a good communicator in Account Handling is essential.

Be passionate

The most successful accounts are formed from having a deep knowledge of your client and understanding everything they do. A Super Account Handler not only get’s under the skin of each account and realises that no two accounts are the same, but also brings a ‘can do’ attitude to the table. Really caring about your client will mean that you work on every campaign with passion and dedication. Be emotional. Call clients and share your enthusiasm. Laugh heartily and shout. Show your hunger and lust for greatness in all you do.

Ooze Positivity

There will inevitably be down days, when nothing seems to be going right and clients are on at you for one thing or another but make an effort to remain positive. Keep the end goal in mind. Negativity can easily breed within your team and also contaminate that strong client relationship you worked so hard to obtain. Radiate positivity, remain focused and your project will thrive.

Get organised

Super Account Handlers are able to cover a lot of ground and are the glue that holds everything together; to do this you have to have a system (and stick to it). This is how you get stuff done. Being super organised brings with it an air of clarity when the team are up against it. It allows them to be more efficient. The more efficient the Account Handler, the more successful the account is.

Form client relationships that last

Super Account Handlers must be able to read people and connect meaningfully with a variety of personalities. The ability to form good relationships is key to a healthy client relationship. Invest genuine time in the relationship with your client and you should reap the returns.

Of course, this role has always been a ‘people’ role and everyone’s different, so if you can add to our 5 attributes of great account handling, why not let us know