2nd June 2016

How Twitter is about to make it easier for brands to communicate online

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iphone on twitter

Twitter’s about to get easier for brands

Twitter recently announced they’ll be updating their popular social media channel to make it easier for users to get more across in each Tweet. Goodbye the dreaded half sentences and excuses for poor punctuation!

There was quite an uproar earlier this year when it was rumoured they would be scrapping the 140 character limit altogether and allowing much longer messages of 1000 characters to be posted. However, these new changes aren’t quite as drastic as that, and we feel they’re a good balance between Twitter staying true to their originality (it’s not meant to be Facebook!) whilst giving us access to precious (and often necessary) extra characters.

Here are the changes taking place and how brands will benefit from them:

  1. @name replies no longer count towards the 140 Limit. 

    It’s great when you’ve started some conversation around your brand on Twitter and some of your brand advocates or potential customers are tweeting you. But as soon as it gets to 3 or more people within that group tweet, all possibility of continuing the conversation in a decent manner goes out the window and you have to resort to things like “thx” and “yr”. As Twitter puts it, “no more penny pinching your words” – perfect for group chats! 


  2. Media attachments no longer eat up characters.

    Currently, if you add an image, GIF, Video, Poll or Quote to your tweet you lose out on 24 precious characters. Soon, Twitter is scrapping this which will give you more opportunity to add that witty piece of text or details of an exciting product offer alongside your image.  


  3. Calling Mr Vain – you can now retweet and quote yourself!

    This is a great one for brands who would like to retweet a competition they’re running which they’ve already posted about in order to give it extra exposure, but not so great for the big headed people who think their tweet about eating a sandwich circa 2014 needs another mention.


  4. Want to mention someone at the start of your tweet? Say goodbye to annoying [email protected]

    At the moment if you want to mention a particular person or brand at the start of your tweet, you have to do it like this:

    example of tweet with full stop at start

    which just looks messy and like some sort of ‘I put my full stops at the start of sentences’ hipster thing. But fear not! They’re getting rid of this so that if you do tag a username at the start it will go to all of your followers and not just the person in question, without the rogue full stop.


So, when we can expect these changes?  

If you’re wondering when these updates will be rolled out, then keep an eye on our social media (@creode) for updates. It should be in the coming weeks – they’ll be releasing them one at a time to give developers a chance to update their apps, such as the popular scheduling apps many social media marketers use.  

We think these changes represent great progress in Twitter usability – it doesn’t take away the short and sweet content that’s made the micro blogging site so popular, but does make it slightly easier to construct better sentences & get extra important information out there!

Update: As of 14/06/2016 you can now officially retweet yourself!