9th December 2011

Great Gifts for Geeks this Christmas

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With Christmas fast approaching it can be daunting to find a gift for someone more in tune with their geek-side than yourself, or maybe you are just looking something to put on your own list and struggling for ideas. Either way, I have compiled a list below of the top gifts for geeks this Christmas, with many appearing on my own letter to Santa.

The gifts I have picked out range from free to £150 so whether a designer, developer or otherwise there is plenty of gift ideas to choose from.

Please note that all prices are correct at time of writing and may not be the cheapest price available.


Karotz – from £50

Formerly known as the Nabaztag, Karotz is your intelligent household friend. Out-the-box you can make calls via Skype, listen to music, read-aloud Facebook / Twitter updates, be notified of emails, keep updated on RSS feeds through both voice and light sequences, and more. It doesn’t stop there either, Karotz has a fully accessible API that allows you to process and send commands to it, allowing you to control its ears, light up its tummy and make your Karotz speak.


Humble Bundle 3 – from £free

The Humble Bundle is an amazing concept that offers a collection of challenging and fun games created by Indie developers that work across Mac, PC and Linux. The beautiful thing about this bundle is that you can choose your own price and also select how that full amount is split across the game developers, select charities and the owners of the site.


Wireframe Pad – from £14.10

For the designers amongst us, this variation on the sketch pad provides 960 Grid Indicators, pixel measurements and minimalistic designs to create an invaluable tool for rapidly and effectively sketching website designs and prototypes. By emulating the browser it gives a better representation of the design and has note fields for client and date to help keep organized.


M-Cube – from £20

The M-Cube may look like this generations rubix cube but it isn’t a puzzle as much as a challenge; a challenge to create a variety of impressive shapes that can be quickly converted to another shape. The balls are connected by a magnetic force and can snap into a range of 2D and 3D shapes. Check out < icade

iCade – from £79.99

The iCade turns your iPad into a retro 80s games arcade unit, allowing you to play over 200 old time classics such as PONG, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Defender and many more! By just slotting your iPad into the sturdy and quality frame, the arcade style controls connect via Bluetooth to create a truly authentic, if not a little smaller, arcade experience.

You get a couple of games for free with the iCade but it only costs an additional $14.99 for a pack of 100 games from the App Store. This works with both iPad 1 and 2.


Boxee – from £149.99

For that special geek, who deserves that little bit extra, the Boxee is a home entertainment solution that really ticks all the boxes. It reads media information from both the internet and your computer network to allow you to stream shows, movies or images to a connected television. Not only does it do that, but also find cover art, as well as other information such as similar suggestions, for your shows and movies, show you what your friends are watching and source and stream from a number of online websites (though many currently only available in the US).


Self Stirring Tea Mug – from £9.59

Everyone in the industry loves tea. No ifs. Not maybes. Loves it. A great mug is the corner stone of designers and developers alike so getting a good one is of the utmost importance and you can’t go far wrong with the self stirring mug. Not only does it look awesome whilst doing it, it also prevents settling and has a nice metallic design.


Scratch Map – from £13.99

For the modern day geek-on-the-go, the scratch map is a creative and elegant way to track the countries you have visited. Working similar to a large scratch card, the map can be hung on a wall and when a country has been visited that country can be scratched off to reveal not a “Better luck next time” but instead a bright and exuberant colour to show that you have visited that location.