28th March 2019

Meet our new Director of Strategy, Shay Moradi

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Expansion at Creode

It’s been a great few years here at Creode digital agency so we’re expanding our team to fit the profile of the company we want to grow into. One that’s founded on the principle of understanding our clients’ requirements and giving them the absolute best in world class digital consultancy, development and design. 

We welcome our new Director of Strategy, Shay Moradi, who brings his wealth of experience across the broad spectrum of digital media and interaction design into the Creode skillset.

Shay & what makes him tick…

Shay was born in Tehran, moved to Glasgow as a child, spent several years in London and, fortunately for us, is now based in beautiful Yorkshire!

Shay has authored a book and was director of an interactive agency for a number of years.  He’s also a lover of eclectic side projects. For example, his passion for design and the glitch came from watching his grandmother weaving Persian carpets: I used to spend hours on the edge of carpets, like a racetrack, with my toy cars and I would notice the little imperfections that were intentionally woven in, the stray pixels so to speak. This was so that the weaver, with respect for the divine, would not produce something too perfect. This humanised form of error imprinted itself in a love of imperfection and glitches many years later and led to authoring a coffee table book on “The Glitch Aesthetic”.


Influences & creativity

Shay has also been hugely influenced by his parents’ love of calligraphy & photography and his Iranian heritage. His creative exuberance is all about drawing from multiple inspiration points, seeing how you can take things to the next level and exploring the creative limits when you make worlds collide with each other. Shay thinks that when you’re designing casual games, art installations websites, web based services or other interactive products, you’re often working to deliver the best experiences. In terms of production it’s all about borrowing from the fine inspiration points in each category and remixing it into new contexts with careful consideration.  

Shay’s professional story

Shay studied multimedia at university during the dotcom boom and bust years, a course taught by artists, designers and engineers. He then became a lecturer in digital media (2005 to 2009). The pull to apply his knowledge & approach in the creation of engaging digital products was strong and led to a change of career when he co-founded Running In The Halls.

During the time Shay was at RITH they were best known for working on a range of digital products including apps & experiences for brands such as Christie’s, the Open University & Channel 4. They also created their own IP, Librarygame. Shay attributes all of that to daring to be different and to working on things that at first seem absolutely impossible. This is something of an attitude that he brings to Creode. Shay’s background includes TV appearances on the Gadget Show providing digital expertise to challenging, innovative projects as well as digital production expertise at Joi Polloi for The Circle reality TV show.

Why Creode?

Shay was drawn to Creode because of the endless opportunities that come from applying code creatively. During a discovery workshop with the business owners, a discussion about the more eclectic side of digital products and the adjacent possibilities further cemented Shay’s interest and ultimately lead to him joining our team at the start of this year as a Director of Strategy.

Shay comments: “We work with some incredible brands such as Sipsmith, The Spectator, Advance HE, CACI and Fitch so it’ll be interesting to augment and diversify what we do for them and to add value by offering to incorporate the latest technology trends and product categories and perhaps expand into new sectors we are not known for”.

Here’s to an outstanding 2019!

Shay brings an enthusiasm for experimentation that is tricky to find. Right now he’s helping with a layer of strategy and consultancy at Creode analysing, growing, designing & optimising the digital footprints of our customers and pitching for new projects. To our clients he brings a commitment to finding the most interesting path to resolution. Here’s to an outstanding 2019 with Shay on our team!