28th March 2019

Introducing Director of Strategy: Shay Moradi

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To kick-off a series of new Creode interviews, we sat down with our Director of Strategy, Shay Moradi, to hear about his career, current role, and find out more about where he thinks the industry could be heading over the next 12 months.

Shay, over to you

What can you tell us about your working life before Creode?

Pre-Creode, I had a brief career course adjustment where I did some consulting and was trying to work out where my greatest contributions could be made. One of my engagements during that time was working as a Senior Digital Producer on an exciting and ambitious new format reality television show called The Circle, with Joi Polloi. It became a hit, was optioned by Netflix and has gone on to be rolled out worldwide. Ultimately though, during this time I set a course for digital strategy, as it was the true undercurrent to all the work I’ve done so far, and a real passion of mine (even when I was teaching).

Prior to that, I was the Creative Director at an interactive agency called Running in the Halls, where my time was largely spent overseeing the development of games, apps and experiential work and sometimes dabbling in design and development. I did that for around eight years, and got to work with some amazing brands on a huge range of projects, across sectors as broad as entertainment and higher education.

There’s no such thing of course, but if you could, how would you describe a typical day?

I’d describe my working day as ‘eclectic’ because genuinely, there isn’t a typical day. 

What I can say though is that I absolutely live for, and encourage, the ‘atypical days’ where I’m making things with the team, or, out with clients learning about their respective businesses and processes. The unexpected is definitely more interesting! 

As well as refining internal processes to help everyone work more optimally, my work is largely a mix of dealing with new business strategy, adding value to existing clients via input into pitches, and working on ongoing and existing projects. 

It’s a daily target, not just for me, but the whole agency, to amplify the creativity of the work we do for clients, so that their audiences remain engaged, and so that they can continually push forward towards meeting their business objectives.

What can you tell us about some of the challenges you’ve faced, and how you’ve overcome them?

As a small team, you have to balance where you spend your time and energy to maximise the creative and practical impact of your efforts. 

There are various ideas and directions you could focus on, but being in a position where you can direct what you do is important, and it’s why the flexibility to quickly pivot, and change, when things aren’t perhaps going to plan, is so vital.

I wouldn’t say it’s a challenge necessarily, but we spend a lot of time during the client discovery phase getting under the skin of a brief. This is a really intriguing and interesting phase for me, because it’s impossible to cut corners, and compromise is simply not an option. No one should compromise on the discovery phase.

Can you talk us through some of the interesting projects you are working on at the moment?

There is a lot of exciting work going on at Creode. 

Currently, we’re investing internally on a health and wellbeing app called Push. This app is underpinned with some of the leading academic research in the area, and is due to be tested and refined with the input of several cohorts of users who have signed up to try it out. 

We’re also providing consultancy and working with a number of TV shows on upcoming digital components that help tell their stories. This is an area which keeps us continuously having input at the ideas, details and execution stage(s), so do keep an eye out for that on our site! 

We’re actually just starting to work with a number of cultural institutions too, to help interpret their collections digitally and provide digital engagement strategy support in line with our experience. This is something I’m particularly excited about at the moment!

Finally, can you make an industry prediction over the course of the next 12 months?

There are three areas that I would like to see explode in popularity and be adopted by digital agencies over the course of the next year or so.

Firstly, artificial intelligence, and how it’s used in creative applications. We’ve already got AI creating imagery and writing copy, and a lot of individual artists and designers are really doing some interesting things in this area.

Then, I’d like to see the use and application of augmented reality implemented in more imaginative ways, so that it works harder for brands above and beyond the initial novelty value it provides. Seeing object recognition is still magic to most people but providing practical value beyond that novelty is the sweet spot.  

And lastly, the use of voice interfaces, to search for and consume interactive audio content during solo leisure time, without feeling silly. Further suggestions about how we can spend our leisure time discovering new content, is vastly underrated.

We fall into the trap of thinking the only things to consume out there are what’s curated on the dominant platforms. This simply isn’t true, there’s so much more to explore!

If you’d like more information from Shay about this interview, or a chat in general about our work and how we might be able to help you, then do get in touch with a member of our team today.