12th October 2018

Creode goes green(er)

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The bombshell

It’s been a shocking few weeks in climate change news and I’m sure it’s taken us all by storm to learn we’ve got just 12 years to save the planet.

Whatever your politics, it’s hard to ignore these warnings. What can we do to make a small difference in the global warming crisis?

Small steps, big impact

Over the years we’ve taken a lot of small steps, both as a company and as a group of individuals. We’ve removed disposable cups from the water cooler, become a paperless office, made public transport our default mode of transport (zero miles claimed back so far this year) and reduced our plastic consumption across the company.

Today, as our electricity contract came up for renewal we took the decision to go for Bulb Energy because they offer 100% renewable electricity. They also work out cheaper than conventional energy suppliers, so what’s not to love?

Going even greener

We want to do more. We want to play our part and help our staff and clients to do the same. So what else can we do to make a difference?

What changes has your company made to reduce their impact? We’re looking for tips we can implement and share…