10th December 2018

Creode goes even green(er)

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100% Paperless

We are proud to say that Creode is now a paperless office. Every year over 350 lbs of paper go to waste in an office environment. To reduce those numbers, we’ve made a few changes:
- Using screen-sharing services instead of printing presentations
- Only printing emails and documents that are absolutely necessary

Eco Cleaning

So why have we decided to use eco friendly cleaning products? Green cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don't negatively impact the environment.


We are all aware of how long we have to save the planet. In order to play our part in reducing landfill, protecting wildlife and lessening climate problems, we’ve now introduced recycling bins in the office.

Plastic Cups

By removing disposable cups from our water cooler and
promoting the use of glasses we’ve eliminated plastic from our work kitchen.

CO2 Saving

At Creode, we’ve made public transport our default mode of travel, whether that’s travelling to the office or to meetings (zero miles claimed back so far this year).

Light Saving

We now have motion sensored lighting. The fewer people in the office, the less lighting is used. As soon as the office is empty, the lights go off, making us very efficient when it comes to electricity.

Fair Trade 

We’ve changed all the food in the office to Fair Trade, from the biscuits to the milk we use in our teas and coffes. Fair Trade certified products are free of genetically engineered ingredients, and must be produced with limited amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. Proper management of waste, water and energy are also part of the Fair Trade ethos.

-40% Plastic

We’ve motivated the team to avoid the use of plastic by recycling bottles, bringing lunch from home instead of buying packaged food and by avoiding the use of plastic bags. We are proud to say that we’ve reduced the amount of plastic by 40%.