13th November 2013

Creode gain Google Partner status

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Google Partners - Creode

We are proud to announce that Creode has recently become a new Google Partner. Google Partners has replaced the old Google Certified Partner for AdWords, which the search engine previously accredited us for our PPC efforts.

Being a Google Partner means we excel at using Google products and use their best practise guidelines. It also means our PPC staff have gone through rigorous training and fiendish exams to formalise their skills in running ad campaigns for our clients. Furthermore it is a guarantee of an up to date skill set, as the certification for individuals must be renewed every 18 months. It also means we are now allowed to display their new partners badge on our website and our one of the top agencies in the UK to look after your PPC management.                                                                                                                                          

The Process of Becoming a Google Partner

In order to become a Google Partner you require:

  • Experience managing an account with a spend in excess of $10,000 in a 90 day period
  • One or more individuals must pass the exams
  • Profile information for the business and individuals
  • Accept, and comply with, Google’s terms and conditions and best practises

So how does an individual pass the required exams? And which exams do they need to pass?

The exams can be taken online with a restricted time frame. The pass rate percentages are high, but then this programme is about proving excellence, so they should be. Fail and you cannot re-take for a week (this somewhat stops people practising to the exam instead of learning the material).

All the material to help you pass is online and you can (and should) back this up for new learners with practical examples from your MCC (My Client Centre) and by trialling them on smaller campaigns to get a feel for it. The exam itself may no longer take over your screen to stop you looking up answers, but it also no longer lets you go back to a previous answer.

An individual needs to pass the fundamentals exam and then at least one of the advanced exams, reflecting their choice of speciality: the display network or the search network. It’s worth noting that there is no minimum spend requirement on an individual, just the company that runs the overall MCC.

NB: These exams are currently free for existing Google Certified Partners – a change from the previous exams that were pay-per-attempt.

So Few

So far only a small number of agencies have successfully qualified to be Google Partners. At the time we passed there were only 8 other agencies in the UK in total and we are 1 of 2 in Leeds. At the time of writing there’s not many more. Why is this? It’s perhaps because it’s not easy to pass. Anybody can set themselves up to sell PPC as a service, but in order to become a Google Partner you have to be good at it, with a proven track record of handling substantial budgets.

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