20th November 2014

Conversion Estimate Data Now Available in Google Keyword Planner

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Keyword research is the vital component to every successful paid search campaign and is one of the first tasks completed when starting a new campaign. This is why the Google Keyword Planner is a very important tool for any PPC account manager. Previous updates to the Keyword Planner have allowed marketers to obtain a deeper insight into data over time, mobile trends, mobile device volumes, the effect of mobile bid adjustments, enhanced location breakdown for sub-geographies and much more. 

New keyword planner updates

Today, Google have announced a new feature in the Keyword Planner. Conversion estimates have been added into the tool, which will allow marketers to gain a clearer understanding of what to expect before activating a new campaign. This will be extremely valuable information that can be used to optimise existing campaigns, but also when pitching to prospective clients. Google will use an account’s historical conversion data, or users can enter their own conversion rates and conversion values to see how bid changes might impact metrics for mobile and desktop including:

  • Estimated Conversions
  • Conversion Value
  • ROAS
  • Average CPA

How to find the new data

keyword planner

To navigate to the new conversion data, type your selected phrases into the Keyword Planner. From the list that is then generated, add your chosen keywords or Ad group ideas in to your plan. When complete, simply click the review forecasts button and you will be directed to a new page where you can review your new estimated conversion data.