3rd October 2014

Check, Check & Check Again…

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Checking a design

It is imperative that a certain factor of diligence must be undertaken when dealing with work that is going to be on view for the general public. This lends itself to the design industry, whether in the print world or a digital format. A certain level of responsibility must be taken from both an agency and a client to make sure certain little mistakes don’t slip through the net. A level of trust between client and agency can help eradicate any errors that might go unnoticed (and to be fair, there will always be one or two).


Proof Reading Could Save Your Bacon!

Proof reading copy is a must when writing content that is going to be displayed to a potential or existing customer, preferably repeated with numerous sets of fresh eyes. This doesn’t always mean that everything will always be absolutely perfect and it is only natural that a certain level of human error can be at play. But as an agency it is paramount that every base is covered and that we are upholding our responsibility to the client.

I’m sure we’ve all seen an example of shortsightedness online and amused ourselves wondering how some mistakes have gone unnoticed, but often when deadlines are looming any sense of attentiveness can go out of the window. The transition from screen to print and vice versa often leaves itself open to potential blunders. We have all seen a ‘click through’ link that has ended up in a magazine or newspaper leaving bewilderment and confusion on the reader. This often lends itself to the difficult transition from screen to print. This should not be treated as a simple task as screen and print deal with content in different ways and this should be considered greatly when dealing with multi-platform designs.


What Makes a Good Design Agency?

A good agency is always conscious to the considerations that must be met when dealing with a multi-platform design. Choosing a cheaper ‘one size fits all’ designer or agency is a risk that companies take all too often, as they lack the resources and experience to spot and deal with any potential errors.

To wrap up, it is important for teamwork (from the agency and the client) to extinguish any possible inaccuracies and miscalculations, as the reputation of both the agency and client is on the line. Sharing responsibility and making sure that blame is not placed on an individual, as long as everything has been done to check copy before anything goes live.