15th July 2010

Brand shiny and new… Projects under development

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Some exciting new projects under our wing are the first of their kind…

In preparation for the launch of The Forest Project our designers are building an original online concept that allows you to offset your personal carbon footprint whilst watching TV or checking your email. Whether you’re a keen green or recycling is always a New Year’s resolution, this exciting new site offers the chance to buy carbon credits, sponsor a tree or get more actively involved in the forest scheme. Its carbon calculator allows you to track your own footprint; its all part of a bid to encourage every home and office in Britain to neutralize their contribution to the greenhouse effect.

Planting the seeds to cutting CO2 emissions

We’re developing great links with local schools. We’re working with Moorallerton Hall and have recently filmed a POV tour of Tranmere Park Primary, again a first of its kind that allows parents to view the school and its facilities in from their own home.

Having set the trend for student online information with our collaborative project for the Leeds Met Student Union site, we’re currently developing and redesigning the web presence for the Mental Wealth Project, another home-grown Leeds venture leading its field. Providing a linked support network for students from over 90 colleges and universities across the country, we’re working closely with them to ensure that we create a site promoting their re-launch as a nationwide non-profit organisation within the coming months.

We are also looking forward to working with My1stYears.com, a young company specialising in personalised baby clothing. Our research and design team will develop the site in order to maximise exposure and increase sales, forwarding the company’s position within their market area.

A quick glimpse of the new look My1stYears

At Creode we make a big deal of getting to know our clients and maintaining our friendly working relationship beyond the creation of a new site. Websites can form the hub of a company or project and it is vital they adapt to, pre-empt or even set the bar for change. Our developement team recently designed a fresh tool for allowing existing client wildandexotic.com to comply with new legislation from the Veterinary Association. Stipulating that drug prescriptions must now be accompanied by a relevant data sheet, we devised an application that does exactly that. Stuart from the company said “this app allows vet practices to participate fully with the new clause and is the first of its kind on the web”.

Drop us a line or pop in for a cup of tea to see if we can help your company, school or project achieve its full potential online.