14th June 2012

Blogging tips for better quality posts

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Blogging Tips

I think it’s a real shame when a company’s blog gets put to one side as the work starts to pile on. We’ve been guilty of this ourselves and I think it’s time to get things moving again.

Blog posts are a great way to drive extra traffic to your website through targeting broader themes and keywords; not all of this extra traffic will lead directly to a sale, but if you can build a good following on your blog, it can certainly help build referral business and build the domain authority of your website through links.

So on that note, I wanted to kick our blog back to life by talking about blogging, it seemed quite appropriate. So, I have listed together ten blogging tips that I use to help me write blog articles.

The blogging tips

  1. Content – Take some time to think of a decent subject; something interesting and something you think people will actually want to read, and hopefully share.
  2. Title – Make sure it is clear what the blog is about. Some people will only see the title in their RSS feed and will choose to read it based on what it appears to be about. There’s nothing stopping you getting creative, as long as the subject remains clear.
  3. First line counts – the first line is where someone will either commit to reading your post or bounce elsewhere. The first line should resinate with your reader or cause some sort of interest.
  4. Be opinionated – if you can cause an emotional response from a reader, whether they agree with you or not, they are more likely to comment on and share your blog post.
  5. Search Engine Optimised – I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s worth spending some time making sure everything is SEO friendly. Pay attention to the Title tags, H1’s, keyword usage, alt images etc.
  6. Call to action – your blog might not always be trying to sell, in fact I’d advise against that, but there should always be a call to action. There should be some sort of response you want from the reader. Even if it’s just asking for their thoughts.
  7. Quality control – read and reread the post until you are happy that everything is correct. A fresh pair of eyes is also useful, if you can borrow some.
  8. Publishing at the right time – timing can be everything. Experiment with the times you publish posts and see what responses you get.
  9. Distribute your content – especially if your blog is fairly new or has a low RSS subscription. Reach out to bloggers writing about similar topics, informing them that you have written an article about said subject. It is also worth tweeting the post, sharing it on Facebook, and try some social bookmarking.
  10. Converse – reply to your readers. They’ve taken the time to read your post and make a comment; you should take the time to write back to them. It is also great for building a connection with your readers and growing your following.

I have found that just spending a little bit of extra time on each of the 10 points, really pays off in terms of the quality of the post and the success of it. Not all tips will be completely relevant to all posts, but at least try to think about them.

If you have any questions, thoughts or opinions, please leave a comment below, and I will converse with you.